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Bay City Ballet

Dance of the Phoenix program
Inclusive dance program for individuals with disabilities
Announcement:  Are you interested in attending classes this fall?  If your child would be interested in attending dance classes, please let Ms. Leslie know right away.  We are in the process of forming our Fall schedules, and would like to know what classes you are interested in.  New classes are only be offered if there is sufficient interest.

The Dance of the Phoenix program is an inclusive dance program designed to teach a variety of students, including those with disabilities.  Dance technique is taught in a fun, relaxed, and safe environment.  Traditional dance technique is learned along with fun and innovative methods.  Classes are adapted to the needs and abilities of each student.  We welcome students of all ages, genders, ability levels, and body types.

Dance of the Phoenix
Located at:
Bay City Ballet
1715 S Missouri Avenue
Largo, FL 33707
(727) 657-7796
(727) 831-2231- to contact Ms. Leslie directly
Or e-mail:

We are currently enrolling new students.  Sign up now while space is still available.

Dance of the Phoenix